Monday, May 27, 2013


My blog has been moved to and my etsy shop is up although i still have to post many more items. The shop address is: Hope to see or hear from you soon. Lindsey

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cabin Fever

I am always excited to escape the city and would love to call one of these amazing locales home. One day. Forsure. For now I've been wasting time dreaming via Pinterest thanks to such pinners as: Elysia Calkins and Sparrow Girl who have pinned amazing images of northern cabins and deteriorating homes. Constant inspiration. So much so that I've decided to screen print them into t-shirt and posters. Here are the graphics in the making. the t-shirt and a bag: If the cabin/cottage idea is peaking your interest check out this May's Cottage Life. There are a couple articles about small cabins and temporary cottages that i found really interesting. Often the idea of a summer home is only for the wealthy or those lucky enough to have a family cottage, these articles are more about understanding what you really need in a cottage. I like that it isn't about having a separate room for each person. Some of the best times I've spent at cottages have been in the busy kitchen making dinner with friends and family or meeting new people and sleeping on a blow-up mattress beside them. This type of forced community is hard to find. Don't get me wrong, i like my own space as much as the next cidiot (city/idiot) but that's when i escape to the outdoors....well as long as the black flies are okay with it. I'm getting a bunch of products together to shoot and post in my etsy shop...coming soon. Really i promise.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Mittens at the beach

The Summer Mittens t-shirts are complete! We won half our games last week sporting these fancy shirts! Hopefully tonight we'll do better than the Maple Leafs....ohhhh so sad. I don't even follow hockey but couldn't resist watching the game last night (game 7 Boston vs Toronto). I had hope for the Maple Leafs this year and then the train wreck of a game played out and i was left wondering why i had even gotten my hopes up. At least today while getting coffee or going to the bank I'll know what people are talking about when they say "how about those leafs eh? ...every year...".

Monday, May 6, 2013

Trying to 'just be' with the Lumineers.

This weekend was spent prepping for the new garage/studio that will hopefully house my press by early September. Friday night however, we did get out to see the Lumineers in concert at the Sound Academy at Polson Pier. When tickets went on sale i wasn't too thrilled about the venue (as i'm sure many of you can relate with the not so good sound quality) but its The Lumineers so it didn't really matter. They were great. As expected. The crowd however was not so great. I'm either getting too old or the all ages shows are not a good place to be. I shouldn't blame it solely on the under 18 but i didn't understand why many audience members were there. So many people were having completely separate conversations loudly all around us and others were too buy texting or taking video and images of their friends to even see the show. This was a stark contrast to the band's wise words. I know we all experience these things differently but it took away from the amazing experience i was hoping for. The lead singer Wesley Schultz agreed with me when he they began their overplayed yet classic HO Hey he actually asked the audience to put away their phones and 'just be there with him'. My sentiments exactly. Are my concert going days over? Maybe i should have had a few more $8 tall boys.

Monday, April 29, 2013


It's been forever since my last post but I'm going to give in another try in hope that we can start fresh...just in time for spring! I'm still struggling with screen printing but i have a good set-up in the works here at HUNTCLUB studio, 709 College St. Toronto . I've joinged the HUNTCLUB full time for the past few months which has been good in forcing me to work on projects that i've had written down for a long time. The letterpress is still very much in the works with a press move (or two) and a hopeful new workshop this summer..... more on that later... Check out the HUNTCLUB website for more details...always something new and exciting {}. I'm working hard on a new series that will begin as t-shirts and posters. The first one began as a graphic for my upcoming beach volleyball league beginning soon. Our team name is Summer Mittens (although i still can't remember why). I'm going all-out this year with team t-shirts. Since the screen-printing set-up has been in the works everything turns into a t-shirt idea. I have spent too much time on the many versions of this shirt but have settled on the mittens hanging over the shoulders in the front and the wrapping string around the back that will say our team name. I'm still unsure of colours. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Go SUMMER MITTENS! When you say it fast it sounds like 'some remittance' which also kind of works.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I created this piece for a group show titled 'the hunt'. I wanted to capture the spirit of intimidation and found it best within the drawing of this young boy. I added the war paint on his face for extra intimidation.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


These special getaways are beautiful. I wish they could be the everyday instead.

I will try this one soon.